4 tips to find the ideal Best CSR practice

You want to develop a CSR approach and you have no idea how to do it ? You've come to the right place ! Discover 4 (great) tips to source the ideal CSR Best Practice for your compagny.

BipiZ is sort of the wikipedia of Good CSR Practices, it gathers more than 1200 concrete cases, no less ! Our website has been designed as a Benchmark tool for companies wishing to engage in CSR and above all to be inspired. The central element of BipiZ is therefore its Best Practices search engine, which can be used in different ways. Follow this short guide to learn how to you use our search engine, discover 4 tips to find Best CSR Practices and become a BipiZ pro !


1I am looking for a Best Practice from my sector and company size : The search by criteria 

You just noticed that your competitor was really into CSR while you're only at the stage of recycling the coffee machine cups? It is time to find a Good CSR Practice that is adapted to the size and culture of your company. To do this, simply click on "Help me find the Ideal Good Practice" on the home page and let the search engine guide you. 


2. I am interested in specific CSR themes : Category research

Your big thing is the environment and you want to implement Best Practices in this field ? It's possible ! Simply go to the "Best Practices by category" page of the menu to find all the Bood Practices corresponding to the category of your choice. Discover also all the fields of action of Corporate Social Responsibility.


3I am looking for inspiration from a particular company or concept : Keyword research

If you don't have any specific idea, you can search for Best Practices by simply entering a keyword. The new intelligent BipiZ search engine on the home page gives you a direct indication of the number of best practices or companies that match your search. We recommend key words such as "sustainable mobility", "recycling" or "solidarity finance" for example ;)

4.  I want to travel be inspired from all over the world :  Cartographic research

CSR makes you travel, yes, it does ! Thanks to BipiZ's cartographic research, you can identify best practices by specific geographical areas. Simply click on "Travel" on the home page to access to the interactive map of Best Practices.


Now you know everything about BipiZ and how it works.  Looking forward to search for Best CSR Practices ? 



Bérénice Kemel.