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CLAYRTON'S passes down its CSR values to future generations and end users

6. Clients and consumers



Clayrton’s is a family-owned company, which was created in Roubaix in 1968. It was originally specialized in packaging and decoration accessories for florists, but its activity now comprehends festive decoration, wrap and gift business. Since 2007, Clayrton’s and its employees are committed to a Sustainable Development approach called “Green Power”. Taking the environment into account has been the trigger for the company to work on the ecodesign of products. Then, its approach widened to take all its stakeholders into account.


• Concerning florists: to inform their customers about their good practices and communicate their commitments.

• To prepare the youth to integrate the CSR values in their professional career.


Eco-responsible florist label

- Based on the observation that florists struggle to remain competitive with large retailers, Clayrton’s creates the eco-responsible florist label in 2012. This label is destined to florists who care to practice their activity in the respect of the environment and of the well-being of mankind.

- The audit is performed by an independent body: OCACIA. (Paying audit which 50% are covered by Clayrton’s).

- This label highlights flower shops that observe criteria of societal, social and environmental quality, gathered around 30 commitments and 6 challenges: florist’s quality, responsible purchasing, energy consumption, water consumption, waste treatment, and societal involvement. 

- 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Clayrton’s Academy

 - International floral packaging contest open to apprentice florists.

- Upstream, a brief is conducted on the basic principles of the Clayrton’s CSR approach (face to face, in video).

- Apprentice florists create a floral arrangement with the Clayrton’s eco-responsible products.

- The judges are professionals (50% of the votes) and the public (50% of the votes).

- Then the winners are monitored to progress.


• Turnover + 26% since 2007.


• Eco-label: 16 approved professional florists. 

• + 2500 candidates to the Clayrton’s Academy since 2013.

• Strengthened know-how.

• Customers aware of the environment thanks to Clayrton’s products.

63 salariés (2015)
13 050 000 € (2015)


41, rue Saint Antoine


Tristan GUIREC-LEPOUTRE, Directeur Marketing et Commercial, 03 20 20 99 80, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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