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Coffee roaster CARON offers smart vending machines

6. Clients and consumers



Coffee roaster and retailer shows it is involved in selling quality products and respecting environment as Paris area’s market is very competitive.


  •  Being different from other companies in the same sector
  •  Retailing quality products
  •  Respecting environment


The company offers a full range of products:

- The vending machine itself
- The products the machine sells (drinks, snacks)

Caron decided to market « smart » vending machines with:

- A programming system for automatic standby mode
- A cup detector so that people can use a mug, a cup or a paper or plastic cup they have already used before.

Caron also offers garbage bins for waste separation with a specific compartment for plastic or paper cups.The company sells, among other products :

- Two « grand crus » coffees it buys and roasts itself
- Cakes and cookies from organic farming

Caron organizes with its client companies some expositions, specific workshops and breakfast events to make the customers aware of the stakes.


  •  The company is different from other ones in the same sector, and its products have already been listed in big companies such as Aviva, AG2R, Union Financière de France, etc
  •  Organic products and products from fair trade are a bit more expensive, but they are being more and more listed (between 10 and 15% of the sales)


  •  There is a reduction in energy consumption and waste thanks to the « smart » vending machines
  •  The employees, the guests and the external partners are made aware of how to implement more responsible behaviours
6 millions euros

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