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GROUPE 3SI - Environmental display: ecological barometer

6. Clients and consumers



3 SUISSES France, a 3SI Group subsidiary, is an e-retailer specialized in the fashion and home furnishings sector. These are times when three quarters of consumers are influenced by the energy footprint during a purchase, where three quarters of consumers want more information about the environmental impact of their purchase and where 53% of French people find that there are too many environmental messages.


Assist the client and guide their choices and give them clear and comprehensible information

To guarantee the transparency of information, make consumers more aware and with one glance, achieve all these goals, with the hopbadge tool.

Moreover, give the knowledgeable choice of a cause with the maximum of amount of useful information is part of our responsibility.


The 3 SUISSES brand complies with the national and international experimental program launched by the ADEME Environmental Agency on environmental displays within the scope of the Grenelle Round Table initiatives in favor of the Environment.

The impetus here is to create a legible label on which the consumer's best interests are clearly visible with just a single glance.

This ecological barometer stems from the meeting organized between 3 SUISSES, multichannel retailer generating 56% of its sales revenue from Web transactions (2nd leading French site in the fashion and home furnishings sector) and HopeCube, the pioneer in digital environmental product ratings.

This experimental campaign has targeted washing and drying machines under the electrical appliances heading on the 3 SUISSES website.

They come in the form of an ecological barometer giving a score between 0 and 10, indicating explicitly the financial economy brought by the environmental performance of the product

By clicking on "more information" the user gets a 3 tab pop-up giving detailed information on water consumption, electricity, the efficiency of the energy class but also the manufacturer and commitment in terms of sustainable development and finally the calculation of the energy savings and finance.

The next feature that will be offered to users will display products sorted by hopscore note.

This approach is still in the experimental phase.

Best Practice selected in 2011 by the World Forum Lille and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


Following an AB Testing:

§  +2% in shopping carts
§  +3% more page views/visits
§  A click through rate of between 1.5 and 2%
§  An innovation in environmental labelling


Educate the consumer in a simple and fun way, a new criterion for selecting environmental products

Make information available  for an informed choice of product, both environmentally and financially

7500 (2011)
1.9 Milliards € (2011)


243/245 rue Jean Jaurès


Evelyne SEYMAND, Directrice Développement Durable, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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