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Faguo Shoes raises the awareness of its young urban clients on climate change with: “A tree planted for each pair of sneakers bought.”

6. Clients and consumers



Faguo Shoes is a company founded in 2009 by Frederic Mugnier and Nicolas Rohr in Paris. As part of their studies, they spent a semester in China, land of sneakers. Upon their return to France, the two young entrepreneurs of 22 years of age had an idea in mind: to create a shoe brand that is both stylish and responsible.
So they launched their brand on the following concept: "For each pair of Faguo sneakers bought = a tree planted." [NB : « Faguo » = France in chinese].


  •   Satisfy their customers with a quality modern product.
  •   Offset the CO2 emissions generated by their business activity.
  •   Contribute to the timber industry and develop new forest land which is accessible to all.


At first the sneakers are sold on the social networks (+ private sales events in some cities) available only to its members (4000 members on its Facebook page very shortly after their creation) but given the success of its sneakers, Faguo shoes are now available in more than 150 outlets in France and 10 abroad.

Customers, mostly urban youth, are aware of climate challenges and manufacturing conditions. A direct dialogue with young entrepreneurs on social networks maintains questioning and trust. The subcontractor is chosen in China (for reasons of cost / quality) but the products are transported by boat to avoid high transport pollution. The plant, subject to Chinese law, but also to charter by its Spanish owners, is regularly visited / audited by one of the two entrepreneurs.Logistics are assigned to a rehabilitation center that employs disabled people.

Aware of transport pollution related to their activity, the entrepreneurs decided to offset the carbon emitted and launched their slogan: 

The company donates a portion of its revenue to some landowners to encourage them to reforest plots of land that are untapped or set aside. The company has set up a system for identifying targeted areas for planting trees. The LLC established a lasting partnership with Naudet, a leader in reforestation in France. Specifically, a pair of sneakers is sold for 50 euros, of which 9 euros go to taxes, 21 euros to the distributor, and 20 euros to the LLC. From the 20 euros, 1 euro (5%) is donated to Naudet, which plants the trees. All profits are reinvested in the company.


  •   Strong attraction from young customers: already more than 24,000 members on their Faguo shoes Facebook page
  •   Good image with press and influential blogs
  •   Sales growth: from 0.2 to 2.1 million euros between 2009 and 2011.
  •   The staff grew from 4 employees in 2010 to 11 in 2011.


  •    2010: 31,500 trees planted
  •    Estimated end 2011: 66,000 planted
  •    Carbon 2010: A pair of Faguo emits 8.81 kg of CO2 (a 4.4% decrease compared to 2009)
  •    Customer  awareness of the climate challenge through social networks


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