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“GDF SUEZ Energies Unifiers” for an access to sustainable energy for everyone

6. Clients and consumers

Access to basic services


While 20% of the world's population does not have access to electricity and more than one person out of four is confronted with energy precariousness in Europe, the access to energy, key factor for the economic and social development, is at the heart of fighting against poverty.


Launched beginning of 2011, “GDF SUEZ Energies Unifiers” program gives concrete expression to the commitment of GDF SUEZ group for the access of the poor populations to energy and the reduction of energy precariousness by giving support to:
- projects with a high social impact
- that encourage the access to renewable energy sources or the reduction of energy precariousness


With “GDF SUEZ Energy Unifiers”, the group is pulling 3 levers of strong and complementary actions to develop access to sustainable energy for everyone, in Europe and in the World:
- GDF SUEZ creates a Solidarity Investment Fund (100 millions of Euros by the end of 2013), one of the first in the energy business so far; by doing so the Group wants to participate in the development of social entrepreneurship and support enduring, profitable and repeatable projects;
- The new GDF SUEZ Foundation, through its “Solidarity Energies” program, supports initiatives from NGOs or associations;
- The proficiency and savoir-faire of partners can also be call up thank to corporate patronage.

For its initial investment, the GDF SUEZ Energy Unifiers solidarity fund decided to support the Chênelet real estate company, which is another solidarity-based initiative whose employees (most of whom are sponsored by a job skills program) build subsidized, energy-efficient housing units intended for tenants benefiting from subsidized rental loans in favor of social integration. The investment outlay of roughly €300,000 (reflecting a 15% minority stake in the company) will contribute to building 70 additional units in 2012 and 2013.

“GDF SUEZ Energies Unifiers” strengthens the societal commitment of the Group, which has become world's 1st utility since its rapprochement with the International Power.

A Best Practice showcased in 2011 by World Forum Lille and updated in 2012


- Rallying of the associates and pride of being part of the Group
- Improvement of the company image


- About fifty associates involved in the work group
- Contribution to the economical and social development of the population with no access to a reliable and sustainable energy.

147 200 collaborateurs
81,3 milliards € (2013)


1-2, place Samuel de Champlain
92930 Paris la Défense


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