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In Cameroon, telemedecine is now possible with the CardioPad developed by HIMORE MEDICAL

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer health and safety


Himore Medical is a Cameroonian firm created by Arthur Zang which produce and commercialize the CardioPad, a medical tablet that allows every person with little formation to measure physiological cardiac data. In a country that has only 50 cardiologists divided between the two main cities, people with heart problems are forced to take the bus to complete their exams or they are not treated. The CardioPad was invented to solve this issue.


  • Help hospital to follow and treat all their patients efficiently even if they are in a remote place
  • Make long-distance consultation possible
  • Provide diagnostic help


The CardioPad gives the possibility to people who are far from healthcare center to have a medical diagnosis easily. Electrodes fixed on the patient’s chest are connected by Bluetooth to the CardioPad. They transmit the electrocardiogram’s data to the CardioPad. Thanks to the mobile network, the patient can transfer the data to a specialist that interprets it and provides appropriate treatment.


Between 2010 and 2014, Arthur Zang has used everything at his disposal to conceive and finance the CardioPad :

  • He has followed a MOOC (Massiv Open Online Course) for a year on the website of the Indian Institute of Technology to be trained to electronic to be able to adapt the system to a tablet.
  • He obtained electronic components by submitting his idea to a competition organized by Microsoft, the Microsoft Imagination Competition
  • He posted a video of its project on Youtube that is remarked by the President of Cameroon Paul Biya that officially gave him $45,000 to build the tablet.
  • His project is remarked by the Rolex Foundation that selected him for the prestigious Rolex Awards where he received a $48,000 price and a coaching.


  • About a hundred CardioPad have been built and are commercialized at the price of $3,299
  • The hospital of Mbankomo and the CHU of Yaoundé are using the tablet.


  • Better care and tracking for patient with heart problems.
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