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6. Clients and consumers



For several years, LEROY MERLIN FRANCE has been conducting a major revamping of its product lines and services. The company, true to its commitment to “inventing the home of tomorrow,” has chosen to consolidate its product offer around concepts and values shared with and presented to homeowners: strive to support a healthier, more economical living environment that is easier to live in and more respectful of the natural environment. The new selection of products and services is gradually being put in place in all Leroy Merlin stores in France.


- Create a coherent product offer for customers
- Source and develop innovative products that have true added-value for sustainable development.
- Make these products available to as many people as possible by offering the best-placed products on the market



A committed, voluntary policy, implemented by all company sectors, means LEROY MERLIN FRANCE can increase the number of sustainable advancements made in every department.
A growing number of brand names are available, sometimes exclusively.

Paints: Renewal of the line of "interior paints" sold under the brand name Luxens, which matches a mix design that contains a very small amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
(< 1 g VOC / L). In this manner, LMF adds to its supply of paints that are not deleterious to human health and the environment.

Hardware: By replacing the yellow screw made of chromium-6 by chromium-3, LMF remains one step ahead of the regulations and proposes screws whose composition produces less impact on users' health and whose manufacturing process emits fewer pollutants into the environment.

Flexible floor coverings: Development of products with very few VOC emissions, in order to satisfy quality requirements for safer housing.

Garden: Development of an adapted line of products for indoor gardening or balcony/deck gardening for cultivating organic vegetables and streamlining access to gardening thanks to the design of a raised vegetable garden.

Bathroom: Development of product lines that facilitate accessibility and autonomy for all bathroom users (wider shower doors, Italian-style walk-in showers, adjustable height toilets and washbasins, etc.).

Some stores offer customers the possibility of renting a thermal camera to quickly identify humidity problems, air infiltration and insulation breaks inside their homes, for the purpose of determining which renovation works need to be planned. LEROY MERLIN FRANCE encourages access to a full spectrum of educational materials on the environmental aspects of home building or renovation. In 2011, 10 pilot stores participated in an environmental labeling experiment to post life cycle analysis results for some 1,900 stocked products, in the aim of guiding and directing consumers to choose products causing minimal environmental impact.

Best Practice selected in 2008 by the World Forum Lille and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


- Visibility and accessibility of products and information
- 5 million visits every month on the website 


- Products that are less harmful to the environment and health
- Solutions that support and encourage a more sustainable economy 

63 000 (2013)
13 milliards € (2013)

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