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MCCAIN committed to healthier food

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer health and safety


McCain is a Canadian company created in 1957 and well-established in Europe since the 1960s. The company's CSR policy is implemented through its 5 “Be Good Do Good” pillars: Good Agriculture, Good Production, Good Food, Good Company and Good Partner. When it comes to food products, consumer health is of primary concern. Such products are subject to stringent legislation, yet McCain offers more to its consumers.

Every year, McCain processes over 5 million tons of potatoes into French fries and related products in its 7 European factories, 4 of which are in northern France.


  • Maintain the company's leadership on the potato product market.
  • Create quality products with a good nutritional profile in line with the official nutritional recommendations (reduced salt and fat content). 
  • Improve and develop products with adequate nutritional properties and keep in line with the recommendations of nutritionists.
  • Diversify the potato product offer.
  • Promote potato consumption within a balanced diet and clearly inform consumers and clients as to its benefits.


McCain's commitment to healthier products starts with the very production of the potatoes. McCain uses lower amounts of plant protection products and is leading a variety research program for creating new varieties less prone to disease.

The “Better for you” program

  • Sets out the nutrient profile recommendations that every new McCain product should adhere to.
  • McCain has created a committee of Health and Wellness experts in order to keep up to date on the risks and regulations, and to run awareness campaigns.
  • Starting in 2010, the nutritional value has been detailed on the packaging of McCain products, even though it wasn't required by law at the time. For catering products, this information is provided in datasheets given to the customer. 


  • 2014 Turnover: 374 million euros
  • 78% of the company's potato producers have been working with McCain for over 10 years and some farmers have been working with McCain for 3 generations.


  • Amount of plant protection products and other inputs per hectare:

19% reduction in active substances used between the 2008-2010 average and 2013. 

  • Since 1995, the cooking oils used contain less than 1% trans fatty acids.

2006: started using a mix of RSPO-certified palm oil and sunflower oil, resulting in a 40% reduction of saturated fatty acids in the cooking oils.

2010: a new mix is introduced: sunflower oil with high oleic sunflower oil. , saturated fatty acids reduced by 30%. 

Saturated fat acids reduced by 75% in total. 

  • Between 2008 and 2012: average salt content of salt-containing products reduced by 41%. 
  • Products that are healthier while keeping their flavor qualities.
1100 salariés (2015)
374 millions d’euros (2014)


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