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MOBIVIA GROUPE provides motorists with advice on how to improve motor vehicle safety

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer relations


As an international group established in 16 countries, Mobivia Groupe is the European leader in maintenance and equipment for multi-brand vehicles, at the service of over 20 million motorists. Mobivia Groupe brings together over 10,400 employees spread over six sectors and 13 brands united by the same purpose: taking the initiative and making sustainable mobility available to everyone around the world.

In an automotive sector that is undergoing significant change and facing challenges regarding the environment and society, Mobivia Groupe and its brands are striving every day to provide a comprehensive solution to the changing needs of their customers and make sustainable mobility more accessible.


  • Provide motorists with advice on how to better maintain their cars and improve motor vehicle safety


In 2014, Norauto France has largely developed the concept of “Automalins” training sessions to provide customers with advice on how to better maintain their cars and improve motor vehicle safety.

During these workshops, Norauto experts provide motorists with a free introduction on the basic checks to perform and parts to monitor in their vehicle so that they can feel confident on the road. Motorists learn to monitor fluid levels, to understand warning lights, and to know what to do in the event of a flat tyre. These workshops also help participants manage their car maintenance and repair budget better since they help people understand how their car works.

This Norauto programme demonstrates how the company wishes to reposition its services to provide overall quality and real added value. Here, teaching customers through discussions and responses with an expert means that motorists can start taking an active role in maintaining their vehicle.

  • 243 Norauto centres offer these introductions throughout France.
  • Norauto also offers “Automalins” training sessions online (live chat from the Facebook page)


  • Improved relationship with the customers and better understanding of their expectations


  • Improved motor vehicle safety
  • Motorists’ budget is met
  • Since 2013, 1,500 motorists have learned how to carry out the basic checks on their vehicle.
10 400 (2013)


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