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ROQUETTE makes its sustainable development and activity report accessible

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Roquette's activity is the processing of plant-based raw materials. As part of its CSR approach, Roquette has committed itself to publishing a Sustainable Development and Activity report every year. It is available in English and in French, in printed or digital form (PDF) which you can download from the Roquette Group's website.

Roquette is a French Group with an industrial presence on 3 continents with 21 production sites in 2014.Thanks to its 8,000 employees worldwide, the Group has a strong human potential and remarkable cultural diversity.


  • Making the digital version of the sustainable development and activity report accessible for physically and visually impaired persons.


The drafting, writing, layout and printing of Roquette's sustainable development and activity report was performed internally, as well as its digitization and uploading on the Company's website, in a downloadable version. In order for people all over the world to be able to read it, the Sustainable Development team wanted to make the 2013 report accessible to physically-impaired persons, and more specifically visually-impaired persons.

Thanks to training sessions on digital accessibility (AcceDe PDF), the employee in charge of laying out the report performed the tagging of the PDF file so it can be transcribed through text-to-speech synthesis and / or in Braille and also through the customization of the display (changing the colour of the text and of the background, the font size, etc.) in order to improve its readability.

As it was a first for the company, it was vital to make sure this "accessible" file was actually working and relevant before uploading it on the website. Bearing that in mind, a contact was made with the ESAT "Renaissance" in Lille (an establishment dedicated to the employment of disabled persons) as they have a workshop that specializes in adapted edition.This test enabled to confirm that the approach followed was relevant and completely adapted.
Once all these steps had been completed, the tagged PDF files (in English and in French) were uploaded on the Roquette Group's website.

Best Practice selected by the World Forum Lille in 2014.


  •     An action consistent with the Disability approach of the company
  •     Contributes to the responsible image of the Roquette company, committed to support disability


  •     Access to information for many people and increased accessibility: major point  of 11/02/05 law in support of disabled persons
8000 (2015)
3,3 Milliards € (2015)


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