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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC launches an energy-access program to give each inhabitant of the planet access to energy that is secure, reliable, efficient and sustainable

6. Clients and consumers

Access to basic services


Founded in 1871, Schneider Electric SA is a European industrial group of international dimension that makes and markets products for the management of electricity and automation systems, and solutions adapted to these sectors.

Schneider Electric has always sought to be active in the economic and social development of the communities in which it is implanted. This is seen by a strong involvement of the Group and its employees to support communities, particularly through its Access to Energy program.

To date, 1.3 billion people, or nearly 300 million homes, do not have access to electricity. These disadvantaged populations typically survive on 2 dollars a day, while energy costs represent 15 dollars per month.


Schneider Electric’s engagement is based on 3 specific areas:

  •  Investment: Manage an investment fund for the development of companies in the electricity sector.
  •  Offer: Design and make available solutions for distributing electricity to disadvantaged populations.
  •  Training: Contribute to the training of young people for professional insertion in the electricity sectors. This philanthropic commitment benefits from the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation.


The program is steered by the Sustainable Development Dept. The program’s steering team is equally divided in number between France and India:

  • A director of Business Development
  • A director of Offer Creation
  • A director of Investment Solidarity
  • A director of Training Programs
  • Access to Energy correspondents in the key countries (India, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, etc.)

To succeed in its mission, the Access to Energy Program relies primarily on the local presence in the country concerned by the problem of access to energy. With a few rare exceptions, all projects initiated benefit from follow-up by employees of the Schneider Electric entities present in the country concerned. These employees constitute a privileged network of correspondents for the design, running and monitoring of the projects.

These correspondents are involved either part-time or full-time. They provide their knowledge of the local context and help ensure that the project is in line with local needs.


  •  2.4 million homes at the Base of the Pyramid now have access to energy
  •  60,232 people at the Base of the Pyramid trained for the energy sectors
  •  Schneider Electric was ranked 9th in 2015 among "Global Most Sustainable Corporations in the World"


  •  Schneider Electric is engaged in a virtuous cycle of activity, innovation and responsibility.
  •  The company participates in the development of access to secure, affordable and clean energy.
  •  1,300 missions built through the NGO "Schneider Electric Teachers"
141 446 (2020)
27,2 milliards € (2020)


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Véronique Moine, Responsable Développement Durable

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