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Thanks to the Nutrition & Health Pole, API RESTAURATION ensures quality service for its guests

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer health and safety


API Restauration is a mass catering company founded in 1956. Today, it owns 34 central kitchens, more than 1,000 restaurants and 35 regional offices in France and Belgium. API provides 460,000 daily meals for companies, schools and hospitals.


  • To ensure quality service for the guests
  • To listen to the guests
  • To offer, through menus, a response in accordance with the guests' nutritional needs, without forgetting the notions of pleasure and conviviality.


From a dietary point of view:API ensures the food and nutritional balance of its menus thanks to the Nutrition & Health Pole which supports the chefs in the development of varied and tailored menus (depending on the business sector or the guests' specific needs), by integrating regional particularities and the pleasure of a chef-prepared “cuisine”. Today, the Nutrition & Health pole has 52 dietitians (24 recruitments since 2008). The dietitians have regional and national missions:
  • Nutritional follow-up of the composition of menus depending on the type of guests,
  • Informing and advising the guests
    - Setting up of “menu commissions” (2,904 in 2012): between the guests, the customers and the API to improve the service, adapt it to the needs, and to propose new ideas.
    - Activities in restaurants to educate the guests about different themes
  • Implementation of monthly dietary columns concerning each restaurant
  • Giving thoughtful and accurate answers to guests' questions into the "consumer service" section of the API Restauration's website.


  • Reinforcement of API Restauration's positioning on the quality of service


  • Changing the guests' eating behaviors (informing, advising, leading activities)
  • Preventing health risks related to food
4248 (2012)
334,22 M€ (2012)


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