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TILMAN is building an environment of mutual trust to create value

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer health and safety


Tilman is a Belgian family business, created in 1947, that produces herbal medecine. The company, currently managed by Jean-Noël Tilman, originally manufactured herbal teas. It is now operating for more than 50 years and has become the leader on the Belgian herbal medecine market. The operating and financial performances of the company, as well as its strong ethical values, has led Tilman to be elected "Entreprise de l'année 2013". Today Tilman counts more than 130 employees and operates in more than 30 countries: a success that Jean-Noël Tilman does not dissociate from the dynamism driven by the company values : trust, respect and corporate responsibility.


  •  Economic: become the first pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in herbal medicine of Belgium. Keep the company in the hands of the family
  •  Social: create an environment of well-being; build a relationship on values with employees, share knowledge with consumers, employees and the company
  •  Environment and health: invent a new way to heal with plants and reduce the ecological footprint


The firm implemented a broad sustainable development plan that has two main components:

  • Environment

Firstly, the company is committed to actively manage its energy consumption by reducing it and researching renewable energies so to have a clean ecological footprint. In addition, the aim is to reduce and recycle waste. Finally, collecting and re-using water is of primary importance for Tilman’s sustainable development plan. As a proof of its success, the Tilman company is ISO 14 000 and EMAS certified.

  • Well-being

The well-being is also at the heart of Tilman’s concerns. Both the constant research for well-being and the quality of its products demonstrate its active social commitment. Its employees' well-being is also a priority. Finally, considering that health is a sustainable economic driver, Tilman partnered with Damien charity, which helps and cures tuberculosis and leprosy patients in Congo.

It will soon be awarded a ISO 26 000 certificate.

Best Practice spotted in 2014 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  •  Growth of CA 15% per year since 20 years, from 5 to 130 employees, presence in 30 countries, 50% of the production is exported.-expansion of the supply (OTC and OTX)
  •  Sustainability of the capital: 80% owned by Tilman family
  •  Company of the year Ernst Young 2013


  •  Adoption of ENMAS system
  •  ISO 14 000 norm
  •  ISO 26 000 norm in preparation
  •  Redistribution of 140 000€ to Action Damiens association
24 millions deuros


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