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VMK TECH nurtures future African entrepreneur by making technology accessible.

6. Clients and consumers

Access to basic services


VMK TECH (founded in 2009 by Verone Mankou) is a Congolese company specialized in mobile technologies. The company was the first to design and manufacture smartphones and tablets in Africa to sell d them to Africans at a low price. It also develops useful applications for African entrepreneurs.
The main objective of the company is to provide Africans with internet and new mobile technology which are very expensive in Africa. The company also wants to develop mobile applications, nonexistent in Africa due to the lack of adapted system.


  • Providing updated and current knowledge to future African professionals
  • Recruit skilled workforce
  • Produce African-made goods, adapted to African constraint
  • Offer a better standard of living for the African society


In October 2014, VMK TECH set up the VMK academy, a center which finds the best talents in Congolese schools and teaches them technical skills in order to reduce the gap between school knowledge and necessary skills to work. For the company, it’s a costly but necessary investment to attract the best student of the country.

In January 2015, VMK TECH relocates the assembly of tablets and smartphones in Brazzaville with the creation of a factory it co finances with the Congolese State. Hence, the company hires local workforce to put its product together but also hires local programmers to develop its applications.

VMK TECH also invested $2Million in an incubator located in Brazzaville to help African entrepreneurs who don’t have access to technologies. This incubator aims to transform young people with ideas into entrepreneurs and to create jobs in Africa. This will also contributes to reduce Africa’s social issues by giving a chance to young entrepreneurs without funds.

VMK TECH currently develops a tablet dedicated to education with constantly updated data and aims to sell it at a price of $70.

Even if VMK TECH is now a famous company in Africa and worldwide, it has often faced issues due to the lack of help from financial institutions and because of the strong competition on this market.

Best Practice identified by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy 2014.


  • Worldwide awareness
  • Skilled workforce available through the VMK academy


  • Boost innovation through the incubator
  • Create jobs
  • Make the continent more attractive
  • Sell products at adapted prices
700 000€


Vérone Mankou, créateur et DG

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