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MONDIAL RELAY - GROUPE 3SI supports its employees for the access to housing and health

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


Since its creation in 1998, MONDIAL RELAY, a transportation and distribution company of the GROUPE 3SI has implemented a proactive policy of nondiscrimination with regards to employment and training while focusing to meet the greatest equity in the management of its various populations of employees, but also while supporting them with regard to important events in their daily lives.


Offer employees a personalized support for access to housing and health, factors that may be discriminating in professional evolution and integration.


MONDIAL RELAY created a "professional equality" commission composed of management and employee representatives that validates all recruitment and training procedures.

At the same time, Mondial Relay organizes annual forums on health and housing issues.

Health forum:
Organized with the HRD, the president of the CHSCT and the occupational doctor, this event allows employees to get a free health check-up that is confidential, in the same place and in minimum time and to get information and advice from professionals ; doctors, dieticians.
Different booths are proposed: video, audio, blood tests, cardio-vascular risks, sleep, electrocardiogram, kottabloss, respiratory capacity, dietary needs.

Housing forum:
Organized with the HRD and the regional contacts (rental, purchase, banks, approved loans,...) to enable employees to find information and get advice for the realization of their projects.
Creation of a monitoring commission within the works committee with realization of a quarterly review of the progress of various projects to assist employees who wish to be assisted.

Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2010 and awarded by Réseau Alliances in 2012


Concern for the well being of employees beyond their mission in the company allows the establishing of a relationship of trust and the anticipating of professional problems that could be related to difficult social situations (excessive fatigue, deconcentration, depression, ...).


  •  The company and the CHSCT have benefited, as a preventive measure, from a collective review after the health forum that allows them to have a better vision of the potential risks associated with the activities.
  • Actions in favor of housing have developed relationships with local institutions.
2011 : 101 M€


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