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AG2R LA MONDIALE, societal investment at the service of territories

7. Community involvement

Community development


AG2R La Mondiale is a French social and patrimonial insurance group, specialized on the following aspects: Health, contingency, savings and pensions. Based on a cooperative model, the company has been created in 1905 by an industry stakeholder group and manage 15 million of private clients. With 510 000 corporate clients, the company insures one enterprise out of four in France.


In 2010, the group launched an innovative experiment to support the scaling up of social innovation in 27 projects. Scale-up aims to grow a social innovation project from a local impact to a larger scale: national or international. The aim is to increase the number of beneficiaries of the project and to support social innovation structures in their growth (hiring new people, increasing fixed costs, etc.). Through this approach, AG2R proposes to financially support this change of scale. 



  •  Support for innovative associative projects in their phase of change of scale.
  • Creation of a major and differentiating leverage effect for social innovation structures. 
  • Linking economic performance to social performance
  • Influencing governance and stakeholder's behaviour to promote a responsible economy


The innovative fund AG2R LA MONDIALE wills to support innovative projects with strong societal dimension, to help them changing scale. Its activity is focused around 4 themes: Health prevention, employment in the second part of working life, lifelong habitat, supporting the assistant personnel.




The project implementation follows 3 steps:




  1. Pre-selection of projects, realized internally, based on the analyze of the ecosystem
  2. Qualification (around 9 months), based on studying the feasibility of each project
  3. Investment phase, for the 15 projects of which the feasibility is certain. A partnership contract is signed, for 3 to 5 years. The fund also proposes consulting services to help developing the project.




Mobilized means:


  • Financial means, 32 million euros (grant, loan, participation)
  • External competencies engagement, 15 consulting firms engaged to accompany the projects
  • Internal competencies engagement, team is dedicated to the fund operation



  • Creating synergies between associations and AG2R group: social innovation projects bring new skills, a new vision and a dynamic of innovation for the major group. On the other hand, AG2R provides its expertise, its networks, and helps associations to improve their structure. 
  • AG2R La Mondiale was able to learn lessons and good practices from these projects: global support, long-term partnership, anticipation of next steps, co-construction, and rigorous management.


  • AG2R's funding has made it possible to increase and perpetuate the influence of the social innovation actions of the selected associations. 
  • 10 out of 15 associations have taken a structuring step towards their change of scale
  • 7 out of 15 associations were able to transcribe the impact of their project
  • 6 out of 15 associations have transformed their socio-economic model
10237 (2020)
28,3 Md € (2020)


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