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BAYER helps advance local society at the speed of science

7. Community involvement

Community development


Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (BHP) is one of the 4 divisions of Bayer Santé SAS. BHP is among the world leaders of specialty medicines.
In May 2009, the enterprise relocated to the Eurasante Park in Loos, near Lille, with the ambition to be actively involved in the economic, cultural and social development of the Nord-Pas de Calais region. This gave rise in 2010 to the “Talents and Initiatives Nursery”, a vector for the laboratory’s integration in France, under the banner: “Contribute and support”.


  • Develop a social policy in line with its role in health and its values of integrity
  • Support the talents of regional players
  • Present CSR initiatives led by BHP with its partners


The “Talents and Initiatives Nursery” is an annual event organized by BHP to present its initiatives in the areas of research, health, society, sustainable development, culture and sports, which it runs with its partners from the region.
Several projects supporting local education and associations have been implemented and presented during this event:

  • Support to two schools of medicine in Lille through financing of a student research project at the Catholic University and a financial reward for the class valedictorian at the University of Lille II ;
  • A grant of 100,000€ to the Regional University Hospital Center (CHRU) of Lille for the acquisition of medical imaging equipment: the IRM 3 Tesla ;
  • Collaboration with the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Nord-Pas de Calais to implement best practices in public health ;
  • Cooperation with the Alliances Network to help several young graduates from foreign countries find jobs through Groupes de Dynamique d’Embauche (GDE). This GDE assistance concerns seven foreigners under the age of 30 subject to discrimination, and involves the HR Dept. as well as Bayer employees ;
  • Financial contribution to a project for the construction of a new Maison Familiale Hospitalière in Lille
  • Sponsorship of the Open-Air Museum of Villeneuve d’Ascq, contributing to the assembly and disassembly of an apothecary and donation of medical objects;
  • Support for the marathon during the Lille Braderie event, with a stand on the prevention of cardio-vascular disease.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals is involved in the City and helps the Nord-Pas de Calais region to become more dynamic in the societal and health domains.


  • External recognition of the enterprise and better territorial anchoring
  • Proximity with young talents: potential future employees
  • Close ties with practitioners in the sector (doctors, pharmacists, researchers, …)


  • In June 2010, 25 of the top students at the schools of medicine and pharmacy in Lille discovered on-site BHP’s special expertise.
  • Within the GDE framework, in 6 months, 5 out of 7 young people were already inserted into the business world.
  • Sponsorship and financial aid distributed to local players
  • Promotion of public health
441 M euros (2010)

BAYER SANTE - Division Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Parc Eurasanté
220 avenue de la recherche
59120 LOOS


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