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CLEANING BIO duplicates its integration company model in Montpellier

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


CLEANING BIO (French Nord department [59]-Loos), a commercial company of maintenance and cleaning services, has become the first cleaning company in France known as "AFAQ 26000" and LUCIE. This approach validates the commitment of the company towards all its stakeholders: the human management of its employees, the partnership established with its customers and suppliers as well as the respect for the societal and ecological environment and the exemplarity of its family stakeholders.

Its directors have been wishing to expand its business model in an innovative way.


  • To show and implement an ambitious vision of the company where everyone is involved: what is essential is the philosophy of the company and not its legal nature.
  • To create a "meaningful franchise" by duplicating the CLEANING BIO model, throughout France, in conjunction with players in the charity organizations


In 2012, CLEANING BIO launched its first off-shoot in association with REPLIC:CLEANING BIO 34.

The role of REPLIC:

REPLIC is a SCIC (cooperative community-oriented company) from the French Languedoc-Roussillon region. It created environmental and social utility companies (in particular, integration companies) in response to territorial issues. As a major partner of the companies created as cooperatives, it guarantees the respect of their founding values. The management of the cooperative, for its part, is entrusted to a manager who is responsible for its everyday development.

The role of CLEANING BIO:

CLEANING BIO provides its off-shoot with an operating model, brand licencing, equity participation and a support committee for its director. A charter was also written by CLEANING BIO, and the non-application of this charter would force the company to remove the name of CLEANING BIO from the beneficiaries of the brand.

Three other projects for off-shoots are planned including one in the French Burgundy region in 2014.


  • Emulation of the employees involved in the project for conveying company values


  • Creation of 18 jobs in Montpellier
  • Modification of the entrepreneurship paradigm: the legal nature does not dictate the good conduct of a company but its philosophy does
  • Strong societal commitment from the directors: involvement in the development of CLEANING BIO 34 with no economic interest, only for the benefit of general and national interest
120 (2012)
3 M€


48, avenue Georges Dupont
BP 113
59373 LOOS


Yann Orpin, 03 20 17 21 17

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