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Coursera: online university knowledge for everyone.

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


Education faces a triple challenge: the one of scale (with 100 million people entering higher education in the next ten years in China only), the one of quality, and the one of affordability. Coursera, online education platform, created in 2012 by 2 graduated Californian, aims to answer those challenges


  • Make higher education accessible to everyone at the lowest cost.
  • Provide learners with shareable certificates and degrees.
  • Improve the learning experience of the learners anywhere in the world.


Coursera has created a world where anybody could develop its potential with the best learning experience. Coursera gives student, employees and jobless keys to boost their careers, go deeper in their studies and change the world.


The success of Coursera relies on four pillars:


  • The effectiveness of online learning, which has proved to give better results than traditional learning in class;
  • The method of learning through mastering: via providing immediate feedback and having the learners re-take failed tests;
  • The evaluation by the peers, instead of being rated by a machine;
  • Mixed learning, combined with the one students get in their own university.




Also, as long as you don’t need a certificate, you could choose audit and pay nothing for your learning. Coursera’s goal is to provide an affordable higher education that is available to everyone.


To materialize the learning outcome, Coursera is preparing to provide job analysis and career assessment to assist job seekers in discovering the essential skills required in their ideal career path.


  • Coursera is now the 2nd most popular certificate on LinkedIn after Microsoft
  • 68% of students asking for certification succeed it.
  • Coursera now has 21 million users, which is more than all the higher education in the United States (20 million). They furthermore have 500,000 new learners every month.
  • Thanks to its 145 university partners, Coursera offers 1200+ courses and 100+ specialization, including MBA degrees.


  • Coursera provided financial support to more than 2 million users who could not afford to pay for their certificates.
  • The governments of Malaysia and Singapore now reimburse their citizens for the courses they pay for on Coursera.
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