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DAGOMA brings innovative solutions for a digital manufacturing accessible to all

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


Since 2004, Dagoma has designed, produced and commercialized 3D printers “Made in France” assembled or in kit. 40% of the required components of a 3D printer are made in their premises in Roubaix by 160 printers 24 hours a day. Dagoma’s CSR is the red thread of each step: selection of the raw materials, the providers, waste treatment… And every employee is involved in the thinking to find better processes


• To enable everyone to become (again) the actor of his own production on its territory.

• To change the consumption habits through the implementation of an autonomous production.

• To duplicate the manufacturing site: in order to localize the production as much as possible and thus reduce the impact on the environment.


Dagoma implemented several processes to reduce its impact on the environment in its production activity.

• Big consumption of a PLA in biodegradable filaments made mainly of maize starch, potato starch or beet starch.

• Use of waste to create filaments.

• Creation of a bobbin 100% made of recycled board.


Dagoma also applies the principles of participative management and company freed from hierarchy.

• Employees are invited to apply themselves the ideas that they bring.

• Arrangement of work spaces following the teams’ expectations expressed, to make it as much ergonomic as possible.


Dagoma wants to spread knowledge on 3D printers.

• Every creation is under the “creative common” sharing licenses, including the Discovery200 that is the lead product.

• Customers are trained after having purchased a 3D printer.

• Printers are repaired and upgraded: every plastic part can be printed again.


• The staff number has been multiplied by 10 over 1 year.

• Employees are deciders, responsible and independent.

• 30% of the staff work in Research & Development.


• Discovery200: the less energy-consuming 3D printer in the world: 30W on average.

• Creation of a PLA filament 100% recycled, using plastic reject, from production. 

20 salariés (2015)


139 Rue des Arts
59100 Roubaix

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