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DEPAEUW TRANSPORTS delivers a humanitarian convoy to Senegal

7. Community involvement

Community development


Depaeuw is a family-owned company, rooted in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region since 1965. Its transport and logistics activity is based on 3 sites: Depaeux at Lompret, Depaeuw Duchatelet at Salomé (south of Lille) and Depaeuw Littoral at Dunkerque. Depaeuw has strong human values and has notably been using its skills and its passion to deliver a humanitarian convoy in Senegal.


  • Contribute to a humanitarian action by delivering medical supplies to Senegal
  • Creating bonds between schools in the Nord-Pas de Calais region and in Senegal
  • Giving value to the job of carrier


Depaeuw is involved in a large scale humanitarian project: "Senegal 2014". The final objective is to deliver 35 tonnes of medical supplies to Senegal. All these supplies are intended for two associations dedicated to disability in the M'Bour region, south of Dakar, as well as to M'Bour Hospital.

A large-scale humanitarian project into which two leaders of Depaeuw transports are involved as co-pilots (Patrice Depaeuw and Bernard Duchatelet) along with the pupils of Chemy town council:

  • The two entrepreneurs met with the pupils to talk about their project and answer the children's many questions.

Project details:
1. Affreighting of a Depaeuw truck with supplies for disabled persons (wheelchairs, crutches) and supplies recovered by the pupils (clothes, toys, books, etc.). The truck was loaded in the schoolyard while pupils shared with the convoy drivers.
2. Departure to Senegal with 5 drivers and disabled persons
3. Monitoring of the project once the supplies have arrived

In February 2016, Depaeuw is participating to the project again in the area of Zinguichor, Senegal. The convoy will stop at Laayoun, Morocoo and M’bour, Senegal to follow-up with the previous campaigns in 2012 and 2014.


  • Image of the company
  • Highlight the job of carrier: 6,000 km covered by the convoy (heavy and bulky supplies)
  • Strengthened synergy between the "competing fellow carriers"
  • Communication on the company's website: involvement of employees and development of the sense of belonging


  • 35 t of medical supplies sent
  • Bonds at region level (schools, municipalities)
  • Solidarity ties with populations living in M'Bour, Senegal
  • Benefits for the children involved in the project: Development of solidarity, raising awareness about North/South issues, respect of differences, discovery of other cultures


40, rue du Grand Logis


Julien DEPAEUW Directeur Général This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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