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EDF helping to build electrical job training in Africa

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


In sub-Saharan Africa, where less than a fourth of the population has access to electricity, financial and technical help are not enough to remedy the situation. Providing the local population with training and knowledge, thus power, is key.


  • To contribute to the creation of a skilled electrical industry workforce in Africa.


In 2008, EDF and the NGO, Global Village Electrification Partnership (GVEP) mapped out the electrical skills needed by area throughout West Africa, and identified local organizations ready to participate in and strengthen training programs.
The survey carried out covered 13 countries and resulted in 250 contacts. The findings were released in 2009 during a seminar at the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) in Ouagadougou, with the participation of EDF. The main organizations concerned by the project, such as electric companies, rural electrification agencies, training companies, and NGOs were present.

As a result, two collaborative projects were launched. The first, to train power dispatchers in West Africa; the second, to help the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering better design its Energy Engineering Master’s program.

Electricity industry equipment manufacturers have also expressed an interest in participating in practical trainings. When the participants represent many fields of expertise, this kind of hands-on training is even more beneficial.


  • Employees’ support of the project,
  • Open communication with NGOs and with international groups involved in the fight against poverty.


  • Development of local skills, to ensure the success of infrastructure projects (power production and network). Infrastructures cannot run without competent workers.
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75 milliards d’euros (2015)
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