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EDF helps job seekers secure employment with nuclear power station subcontractors

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


About 400 subcontractors work in nuclear power stations throughout France. EDF has partnered with regional subcontractors associations to help them develop training plans to ensure a constant availability of skilled workers in the nuclear energy field.


  • To help regional subcontractors associations set up local programs to facilitate job integration in the nuclear energy industry.


Subcontractors handle a significant part of EDF’s nuclear power station maintenance. To meet the real needs for skilled workers in this industry, regional subcontractors associations develop training plans for unknown jobs, with the help of Pôle emploi (France’s equivalent of a Job Center), regional councils and EDF.

For example, in France’s Rhône Valley, the IFARE association has been training long-term job seekers in the field of nuclear logistics with Greta (Groupement d’établissements publics d’enseignement).

In the East of France, three apprenticeship programs were started in 2005 at the Malgrange High School in Thionville under the leadership of GIM Est. The programs offer certification in plumbing (pipes and fixtures) and testing.

In the South West of France, the GIE Atlantique has organized a program called CAP Industrie (Construire un Avenir Professionnel dans l’industrie) to train future painters, boilermakers, and mechanics. Other organizations are leading similar programs: Peren in the Val-de-Loire, Gipno in Normandy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Members of the regional subcontractors association hire qualified candidates, who have successfully finished their training.


  •  Strengthened relationships between EDF and subcontractors, who work as partners
  •  Skills replacement and transfer of know-how


  •  Since 2005, 348 long-term job seekers have been hired and offered permanent work contracts.
159 112 salariés (2015)
75 milliards d’euros (2015)

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