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EDF Une Rivière, Un Territoire (EDF One River, One Territory): driving economic development and innovation in hydraulic valleys

7. Community involvement

Community development


Hydropower is renewable, efficient, thriving, and one of the historical ties that EDF has built with communities around general interest issues such as shared water management, safety, environmental protection and more.
Hydropower is also an important social and economic development driver. EDF launched its Une Rivière, Un Territoire program precisely to step up this essential aspect.


Contribute to economic development and innovation in territories:

  • Bringing in more local industrial skills and local craftsmen.
  • Providing financial support for local entrepreneurs to spur innovative projects involving water, energy and environment.

    First of all, Une Rivière, Un Territoire is an approach whereby dedicated EDF contact people work with local stakeholders. That is how Une Rivière, Un Territoire DEVELOPPEMENT agencies started appearing.
    Then, the choice has been made to involve local elected officials and social and economic stakeholders via shared governance in order to find solutions that address the specific situation and projects in each and every area.
    This program also includes financial support from the Une Rivière, Un Territoire FINANCEMENT fund.
    With this program, EDF is involved in supporting local economic development in areas hosting its operations, honours its responsibility as a hydropower generator and its relations with stakeholders.


    • Access to innovative projects involving water, energy and environment.
    • A wider choice of suppliers.


    • Local job creation.
    • Greater resort to local contractors and craftsmen.
    159 112 salariés (2015)
    75 milliards d’euros (2015)


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