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EDHEC Business School implements “les Cordées de l’entrepreneuriat” (roped together for entrepreneurship)

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


EDHEC Business School was created in 1906 in Lille (Nord). Today, it counts 6,200 students and 5 campuses (Lille, Paris, Nice, Londres, Singapour). 

In 2011, EDHEC decided to implement “les cordées de l’entrepreneuriat” (roped together for entrepreneurship), which is a project to assist youngsters from deprived neighborhoods who have got an idea for a business creation. This project expresses the will of the school to fit in the city and in the local economy of its campuses.


  • To assist project owners who come from neighborhoods in sensitive urban areas
  • To contribute to the development of the school territory


The project “les Cordées de l’entrepreneuriat” (roped together for entrepreneurship) is inspired by the plan “les cordées de la réussite » (roped together for success), which is approved by the French education ministry. This plan enables youngsters from priority neighborhoods, willing to integrate a grande école, to receive personalized assistance.

In the context of “les cordées de l’entrepreneuriat”, a young business starter or acquirer coming from rough neighborhoods is assisted in his project by EDHEC students.

Each project owner is identified by the ADIE (association for the right to take the initiative for an economic activity) and attends a training CréaJeunes (training to formalize a project of micro-company). Following on from this path, the project owners integrate the plan implemented by the EDHEC. Each youngster is supervised by two students of the school in the entrepreneurship MSc, under the responsibility, the guidance and the coaching of professionals from EYE, the school’s incubator. They are assisted for 6 months with a meeting every two weeks during the first three months, then every three weeks during the last three months.

After that, projects having a certain extent (opportunities of development, recruitment) have the possibility to integrate EDHEC’s incubator to be freely supported for 2 years. 

The the plan-specific costs are covered by the school and funding solutions are being considered with the partner companies.


  • Projects full of meaning favoring the recruitment of students and teachers
  • More entrepreneurial experience for EDHEC students and more teaching skills and listening


  • 25 projects assisted by 50 students over 3 years
  • 2012 - 2015: 5 laureates in the incubator for 3 years
  • 2014: Expectation of 15 projects 

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