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Fair Planet by INDELEC : Developing societal projects thanks to the mobilization of employees and stakeholders

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Indelec offers lightning protection systems and services for professionals, local authorities and industrial companies. In 2004 and 2005, the employees of the group and Indelec provided a joint financial contribution to disadvantaged populations in the wake of conflict (Ivory Coast) or natural disasters (tsunami in Southeast Asia). Following this first experience, the employees decided to create FairPlanet.

Family-owned company founded in Douai 60 years ago, Indelec is today a leader in its market in France and exports 75% of its production to more than 80 countries throughout the world, and particularly to southern countries. Conscious of living conditions in the countries in which it operates, the creation of FairPlanet has adopted an approach to the development of societal and economic projects in southern countries. 


  •  Mobilize employees around a human project
  •  Engage in human and socially responsible international activities
  •  Assist populations in countries in which the company is active


FairPlanet is an initiative created and financed by employees and operates in countries in which Indelec is implanted. Since its creation, the development and sustainability of the project relies on the active participation of employees, as well as a network of Indelec’s numerous foreign contacts in order to monitor the projects and report on their progress.

The projects are based on 3 themes: access to education, to health and to food. Eight projects have been financed since the launch, including:

  • In collaboration with APD, a local association, the extension of a horticultural training center for the physically challenged in 2007 in India.
  • Financing of family farms in Senegal with the association “Farms Without Borders” to promote sustainable and autonomous food production in 2009.
  • In Vietnam in 2010-2011, financing of medical equipment for a neonatal center and creation of a FairPlanet scholarship for students.
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