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GDF SUEZ DOLCEVITA and the city of Calais organize the big energy challenge

6. Clients and consumers



DolceVita is the GDF SUEZ brand dedicated to individuals in France; it proposes solutions for a lifestyle comfort that's both responsible and personalized (energy supply, technical solutions, services, etc.) and helps customers reduce their energy consumption. As part of a study conducted by IFOP in 2012, GDF SUEZ DolceVita analyzed the opinions and behavior of residents in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region relative to energy savings. This region is one of the most heavily focused on controlling and/or reducing energy consumption: 66% of local inhabitants view the issue as a daily concern.



  • In producing the "Big Energy Challenge" program, GDF SUEZ DolceVita is seeking to accompany Calais residents in curbing their energy expenditures, improving the energy performance of their dwellings and thereby merging energy savings with residential comfort.


- From June 7th to September 29th 2013, GDF SUEZ DolceVita, in partnership with the City of Calais, proposed to local residents a program entitled "The Big Energy Challenge". This entertaining and instructive initiative is completely free of charge and open to all, in the aim of encouraging Calais residents to both adopt new daily habits like eco-friendly actions and save on energy consumption (a stand at the Calais Expo Fair to provide energy savings information, the Energy Saving Pavilion to enhance awareness of energy saving strategies, a stand at the Innovation in Housing Trade Fair to share energy management solutions). Locals are thus kept informed of energy conservation solutions and made aware of energy savings potential and "green" behavior, all in a spirit of collective accountability.- The City of Calais has already implemented many actions to favor environmental protection and energy cost-cutting, on behalf of its 74,000 population, including:• eco-driver training for municipal staff and renewal of the city's fleet of cars, partially with electric vehicles;• modification of public lighting to introduce LED lamps;• use of a timer in allocating public building energy consumption;• development of eco-districts in the city, with mobilization efforts already underway: several actions focusing on energy vulnerability involve GDF SUEZ. Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013.


  • Enhanced corporate renown as a supplier of sustainable solutions for individuals
  • Greater clarity in the Group's commitment to meeting customer expectations regarding the reduction of energy-related expenditures.


  • Contributes to building social bonds.
  • Entrusts Calais residents to handle their own energy challenges
  • Over 800 stand visits at the Energy Saving Pavilion seeking to discover daily energy saving tips.
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