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GDF SUEZ initiates a campaign with the french education ministry to promote the "I'm learning about energy" program

7. Community involvement



GDF Suez proposes powerful and innovative solutions to individuals, municipalities and companies through reliance on a unique brand of expertise in four key sectors: independent electricity production, liquefied natural gas, renewable energies, and energy efficiency.Energy plays a key role in our societies and is critical to many current and future challenges, including: natural resource preservation, economic development, environmental protection, technological innovation, and accessible energy sources. Building awareness of these issues is, consequently, essential and fundamental, not only for today's adults but future generations as well. Based on this observation, GDF SUEZ, global leader in the energy market, has developed a comprehensive and innovative educational tool entitled "I'm learning about Energy", in winning support from France's Education Ministry for addressing a current academic priority.


"I'm learning about Energy" is a 100% complimentary tool designed to facilitate instruction and education on the topic; it combines a dedicated Website with interactive features for the purpose of acquiring, testing and expanding knowledge on renewable energies. Besides building user awareness of today's energy-related challenges, its aim is to provide a support for teachers in their training sessions focusing on energy, through accompanying their preparation of courses on the following subjects: sustainable development; energy needs, consumption and savings; electricity and gas distribution networks; and electricity safety and production.


- Development beginning in 2012 of a modern approach, in collaboration with stakeholders from academia, notably with the National Center of Educational Documentation (CNDP). Special attention has been paid to the scientific and technological culture content, to allow students to situate the context and better understand their environment and the concept of sustainable development as it applies to them. Digital resources are also heavily used, in a way that always simulates students' curiosity and encourages them to learn and dialogue. - Impetus to produce an innovative and interactive tool, based for example on the use of new technologies or reliance on a game presentation (first serious energy-related game, organization of the National Trophy Competition among Middle Schools). - An educational tool for all, from elementary school through middle and high school classes. For the Nord-Pas de Calais: 157 colleges, 30 high schools and 95 primary. Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013 and updated in 2014. 


  • Improved relations with stakeholders
  • Transmission of energy-related knowledge held by GDF Suez to the general public
  • Gaining perspective on energy challenges currently faced and thus developing a better understanding of the activity in-house.


  • Awareness-building, information, accountability on the topics of energy and sustainable development
  • Implementation of best practices and exposure of a young audience to environmental issues.
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