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GDF SUEZ provides a boost to employment via the FAPE GDF SUEZ Foundation

7. Community involvement

Social investment


GDF Suez proposes powerful and innovative solutions to individuals, municipalities and companies through reliance on a unique brand of expertise in four key sectors: independent electricity production, liquefied natural gas, renewable energies, and energy efficiency.A foundation certified for its public interest status, FAPE GDF SUEZ was created on January 1st 2013 as part of implementing the GDF SUEZ Group's corporate social responsibility policy and in helping strengthen the GDF SUEZ Foundation's solidarity emphasis. This entity facilitates access into the workforce and the return to the job market for the long-term unemployed or marginalized segments. The actions led by FAPE GDF SUEZ focus on solidarity among employees, retirees and GDF SUEZ Group companies in reaching out to job-seekers and all members of society seeking a less precarious existence.


  • Support initiatives that enable a return to gainful employment among marginalized segments of the population
  • Promote the emergence of new economic models that combine economic and social development with job opportunities.


FAPE GDF SUEZ backs projects submitted by associations and companies promoting employment, organizations assisting small business creation by the unemployed, GDF SUEZ units assigned to build sponsorship, solidarity and social responsibility opportunities, employees and retirees, all in the aim of financing and accompanying new investments in France. - The action program adopted by FAPE GDF SUEZ focuses on three goals:• social and professional integration efforts,• activity development,• business creation.FAPE also supports projects favoring integration of the disabled into the workforce. - FAPE GDF SUEZ resources stem exclusively from donations provided by Group personnel and retirees, matched at 100% by their affiliated companies, and allow financing new investments (e.g. purchasing equipment, facilities and vehicles; building or renovating premises). - Subsidies allocated through partnership agreements between FAPE GDF SUEZ and France Active: France Active accompanies social entrepreneurs in their quest to create and extend employment, as well as the underprivileged seeking to launch their own venture and thus provide a means of livelihood. More specifically, this association oversees a business development program called CAP'JEUNES intended for youth in situations of long-term unemployment. By offering bonuses and accompaniment services, FAPE will help these youth bring their new business project to fruition and, by the same token, create their own job. Best Practice spotted by the World Forum Lille 2013


  • Consolidation of the GDF SUEZ Corporate Foundation's solidarity action plan.
  • FAPE GDF SUEZ will be rolled out among Group companies first in France, then gradually across countries where the Group does business, under conditions adapted to each context. At present, 7 companies have already committed to FAPE GDF SUEZ.


  • In 2011, €38,000 in subsidies were granted, 26 jobs created and another 151 preserved.
  • Projects supported by FAPE: greenhouses in Lesquin, two job training missions (€18,000 in subsidies for irrigation work), and the Haute Borne garden / job creation venture in Villeneuve d'Ascq (€15,000 subsidy for the purchase of farm machinery).
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