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GDF Suez sets forth sustainable solutions for its clients: A strategic alliance between Marketing and Sustainable Development teams

6. Clients and consumers



The company of tomorrow will be required to face many challenges, tied to climate change, natural resource depletion and the associated increased costs. Moreover, tomorrow's businesses will need to be actively engaged in preserving biodiversity and demonstrating their societal commitments on a daily basis. GDF SUEZ, the world's energy market leader, is capable of devising sustainable solutions for its clientele.


- Reconciling marketing with sustainable development
- Assisting clients fulfill their commitments in the area of sustainable development (relative to impacts in both environmental and societal terms)
- Standing out in marketplaces that are both tough and competitive: meeting client demands and fostering "sustainable" commercial relations.


GDF SUEZ proposes practical and sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, water, hygiene and ancillary services. The Group helps its industrial clients reduce their outlays in energy, water supply and waste management, while guaranteeing compliance with all pertinent environmental and societal regulations. GDF SUEZ also finds ways for clients to establish a competitive advantage by integrating sustainable development concepts into their activities and in their offerings of goods and services.

To promote clients' preferences for these sustainable solutions, an internal collaboration program between Marketing and Sustainable Development Division staff leads to building awareness among sales and marketing professionals of the stakes involved in these issues, in addition to indicating the potential for value creation inherent in Sustainable Development-based best practices in order to benefit clients.

The document entitled "Sustainable solutions", published by the Group, serves to disseminate the set of best practices introduced by clients who have opted for sustainable solutions, along with the corresponding resource savings realized.


- Enhanced corporate visibility as a provider of sustainable solutions for the company of tomorrow.
- Synergy generated between the company's marketing and sustainable development functions.


- Benchmark of resource savings relative to energy, water, pollution, reduction in workplace accidents, for the benefit of clients who have adopted sustainable solutions.
- Dissemination of best societal and environmental practices.

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