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GDF SUEZ supports humanitarian projects through its Energy Assistance association

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


GDF SUEZ is socially committed to improving community access to its services and products and supporting local economic development. To these ends, GDF SUEZ offers financial and logistical support to employee volunteer associations, such as Aquassistance, Codegaz, Energy Assistance.
Created in Belgium in 2001, Energy Assistance has 210 volunteer members and works in the field of electricity access.


  •  Promote energy access among disadvantaged populations.
  •  Build sustainable, environmentally friendly energy solutions.
  •  Support the development of local communities.


The association responds to requests from local communities that lack access to energy.
It provides material means, in the form of equipment and people, through employee volunteer efforts: technical assistance, expertise, transfer of experience. In addition, Energy Assistance examines a project’s economic, social and environmental impacts for controlled consumption, limited production of waste, and a preference for renewable energies. It also verifies that the local people have the technical and economic capacity to ensure continuous operation and long-term maintenance.
A project committee selects the projects and tracks their progress after they have been approved by the Board of Directors. A communications committee handles internal and external communications. Other committees are responsible for various administrative matters (finance, accounting, etc.).
A staff team ensures the association’s organization and coordination.


  •  Strengthens connections within the local fabric of countries in which the association is active
  •  Social cohesion


  • For communities:
Through sustainable access to energy, improved healthcare and education, local development and job creation
  • For the company:
Examples of solidarity in action, social responsibility, volunteer involvement of GDF SUEZ employees in humanitarian action.
147 200 collaborateurs
81,3 milliards € (2013)


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