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GIVE SOMETHING BACK distributes its benefits to associations

7. Community involvement

Community development


Give Something Back is a company providing green office supplies. Mike Hannigan & Sean Marx founded GSB in 1991 with the idea of building a successful company which earnings would be donated to other non-profit organizations.


  • Donate to non-profit organizations thanks to the company’s earnings: take profit from market place to distribute it to the community.
  • Encourage companies to buy green office supplies
  • Connecting the business world to social responsibility


Provide competitive office supply
-  Prices are less important than big companies thanks to low overheads and diligent sourcing

Customers’ happiness at the center of GSB strategy
-  GSB help managing the customer shopping list
-  Customers are delivered the next day
-  The customer must be satisfied  they are looking to maximize their value

Encourage customers to commit themselves for helping communities
-  Customers can vote for non-profit organizations they want to help
-  Customers can see on the website what changes are made in California (Education, environment etc.)
-  Education of customers :customers want a more profitable way to spend money : spend for consumption but also to serve a caritative cause

Build a reliable reputation thanks to transparency
-  Communicate their financial statement on the website
-  Introduce non-profit organizations on the website (goal & GSB contribution)
-  Certified B corporation: strong piece of evidence for their customers about GSB commitment


  • 15% of sales profit in San Diego are distributed to San Diego charities chosen by customers
  • Gross Profit $ 7,602,926 in 2014


  • 6$ million dollars donations to non-profit organizations over 25 years
  • Donations represents a 73% of net earnings (VS national average = 1%)
  • Corporate headquarters use a 50,000 watt solar farm
  • Recycling programs are offered to customers at the end of the products’ life cycle
1000 salariés (2015)
25 millions deuros (2015)
United States


Mike Hannigan, President, T: 888.456.4483

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