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GROUP EDHEC translates practical experience into academic challenges.

7. Community involvement



EDHEC Business School was founded in Lille in northern France in 1906. It currently has 7,000 students and five campuses (Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore). The School wants to share the experience gained out in the field by certain of its students by developing several case studies for use in class.


  •  Enable students to undertake assignments out in the field and in international locations during their gap year (between the M1 and M2 year) on behalf of NGOs and businesses.
  •  Produce case studies for M1 students designed to stimulate reflection and academic work.


Capitalise on the experience of 12 students engaged in three different projects in Latin America and Africa (Les Routes du Développement, Student Consulting for Development and Aventure Equitable) in the social economy field (business development, social business, micro-credit, fair trade) and translate it into case studies.

Use practical problems to establish the link with subjects taught on the programme. Demonstrate the importance of certain subjects by illustrating their theoretical aspects.

Best Practice spotted in 2015 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  •  2015/2016: Forecast production of three case studies.


  •  Involvement of the teaching faculty. Acceptance by students undertaking assignments of follow-up by EDHEC and the translation of their work out in the field into academic material.
  •  Accompaniment on different projects reflecting the sensitivity of students to these issues. Joint action, mutual badge of confidence. Sharing good practices.
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