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Helping the autistic communicate thanks to ORANGE

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer relations


Orange is a major telecommunications operator, serving 231 million clients throughout the world with 168,000 employees in more than 32 countries.
A company that specializes in communication, Orange for the past 22 years has engaged in humanitarian initiatives and oriented its efforts towards the autistic. Autism is a serious condition that impairs mental development and makes social relationships with others difficult.


  •   Orange seeks to mobilize its employees around various projects to help those who are excluded from communication: the autistic.


Orange and its employees organize various events: flea markets, marathons, walks and hiking, for example, to gather funds and to raise awareness about autism through the organization of conferences on the subject.
The association "Volontaires pour les personnes avec autisme" (VA), created in 1992 under the sponsorship of France Telecom and the Orange Foundation, supports persons who suffer from autism and their families.
Relying on a committee of experts recognized by the various stakeholders, the Orange Foundation selects new support initiatives in the context of 4 annual calls for projects.
This program involves, firstly, aid for the creation and improvement of host structures or adapted spaces (foster homes, medical residences, establishments and services to assist with employment, creation of specially adapted recreation centers) that promote autonomy and improve quality of life.
It also involves medical research on autism that in 2003 allowed, among other things, a team of researchers with Thomas Bourgeron of the Pasteur Institute, financed by the Orange Foundation since its foundation, to identify the first “genetic path” for autism in partnership with Swedish researchers.
Aid from the Foundation has been used to train professionals, social workers and parents as well as to fund initiatives to provide support for families.
It also supports the organization of recreational holidays and promotes access for the autistic to cultural and sports activities.

Best Practice spotted by Réseau Alliances in 2002 and updated in 2013


  •   Image of Orange as an open, humane and socially committed company
  •   Members of the company are more engaged and communication between the group’s units is reinforced


  •   Over 20 years, the Foundation has financially contributed to 1700 projects serving to improve the lives of people with autism and their families.
  •   The Orange Foundation continues its close involvement with these projects throughout France, in addition to governmental actions.
152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


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