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IDKIDS supports children’s protection programs in developing countries

7. Community involvement

Social investment


« As entrepreneurs, we help the world progress, for the future of all children. » This is the vision of Idkids, which combines Okaïdi, Obaïbi, Jacadi, Véronique Delachaux & Oxybul (clothes brands). Okworld fond’actions, which was established in 2003, became Okworld, a corporate foundation in 2007, and has developed in line with this project.


  •  To financially support actions for children’s respect and protection throughout the world
  •  To bring all players to join forces for the Corporate, Social, Community-oriented and Environmental Responsibility of Children’s Clothes Entities: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders of Idgroup
  •  To act where the group operates (distribution or production)


Okworld relies on the support of two NGO’s acting as partners worldwide: InterAide & Acting For Life (formerly Groupe Développement). They identify people’s requirements with local associations in the field, and coordinate aid and detect strengths.

In 2013, 7 projects are underway in various countries such as India, Madagascar or Bangladesh: to help children living in the street go to school in Dhaka, to help infants develop in Antananarivo, to keep tabs on families in precarious living conditions and boost school attendance in Pune, etc. The NGO provides detailed progress reports. Volunteers from Idgroup, are given the opportunity of visiting project sites during their business trips, and to testify when they come back

In France, the foundation Okworld also supports local associations which help children in difficulty. In 2013, a total of 17 projects targeting sick, isolated or underprivileged children with accompaniment were financially sponsored by Okworld and monitored by a Group employee.

Idgroup has also developed a network of "Rigolo Comme La Vie" daycare centers. This concept, involving multiple social services and recreation centers, is based on a joint public-private model and encourages overlap: daycare inside nursing homes, care facilities catering to both able-bodied and disabled children.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2010 and updated in 2014.


  •  Proud and motivated employees
  •  Synergy with corporate project and mission of all various entities


  •  Financial lever: public or private funds (network of foundations) in addition to money granted by Okworld
  •  17 projects in France and 7 in other countries
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


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