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INDELEC promotes professional insertion of young people

7. Community involvement



A family-owned company founded 60 years ago, Indelec offers lightning protection systems and services to professionals, municipalities and industrial clients. Leader on its French market, the company exports 75% of its production around the world. Since 2007, Indelec has worked with its employees to develop its CSR policy around several axes: constructive social dialogue and training, reduction of wastes and packaging, involvement in education.


  •  Contribute to the socio-professional insertion of young people leaving the school system with little or no qualification.
  •  Allow professors to discover the business world.
  •  Give young people a positive image of the company.


Reseau Etincelle is an association devoted to training young people who have no diploma or little or no qualification, to help them take charge of their lives and to contribute to their socio-professional insertion. The action consists in providing training to these young people and helping each of them develop their own project.
In 2014, Indelec hosted an "Etincelle" class for 5 days, providing 6000€ in financing and making rooms available for immersive training of the young people at the company.
Several actions to promote education are developed each year: each year, the company invites an educator for 2 days, accompanied by the different department heads, and organizes regular visits of buildings and business sectors with students from the region of Douai.


  •  Federation of employees and pride of belonging: lever of mobilization


  • "Etincelle" class of 2014:

- Some 10 students hosted by the company.

- Support to young people leaving school: rebuilding self-confidence and remobilization towards employment.

  • Creation of synergies between the academic world and the business world, which are often isolated.
  • Experimentation of innovative pedagogical methods
35 salariés (2015)


61, chemin des Postes
59500 DOUAI


Arnaud Lefort, Président Directeur Général, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 03 27 944 940

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