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INVESTIR&PLUS fights against illiteracy and for the protection of our planet

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Investir&+ is an investment fund dedicated to social entrepreneurs, created in 2011, acting mainly in France and employing 18 persons.
Investir&+ fulfils two main goals : On the first hand, help entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses with a strong social impact by giving them access to long term and a very close and high-quality guidance, and on the second hand urge classic entrepreneurs into “social investing”..

Among those entrepreneurs helped by Investir&+, a website for the collect and the recycling of book :


  • Job creation
  • Fight illiteracy, cut down on waste and fight against exclusion.

APPROACH is an original book selling and renting website which aims at creating a solidarity link between clients and underprivileged by gathering private individuals’, companies’ and communities’ second-hand books freely by using electric vehicles from Ares Services, a work integration social enterprise, and selling those books on the internet.

This company hires 6 work integration employees, which contributes to the fight against exclusion, and transfers 10% of its net turnover to organization dedicated to the fight against illiteracy and conservationism.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy 2014.


  •  €1.5 million turnover.
  •  2.5% of return on investment for investors who keep investing in this project for more than 5 years.
  •  Success which plays an important role in developing the influence and recognition of INVESTIR&PLUS.


  •  Decrease of wastes by putting already produced goods back on the market .
  •  Fight against exclusion through the employment of work-integrated persons thanks to Recyclivres and its partner: Ares Services.
  •  Fight against illiteracy by implementing financing programs in France and abroad thanks to the transfer of 10% of the net turnover to organizations.


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