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KPMG France Foundation promotes links between young people and the business through its "High School Programme"

7. Community involvement



KPMG Foundation was founded in France in 2007 and has an annual budget of €450,000  per year for 5 years.
It supports and develops actions on the one hand, for young people in difficulty in order to open up career prospects and on the other hand, for KPMG professionals to encourage their voluntary commitment.



  • Promote and support activities of education and training to promote the employability of students.
  • Expose the youths to the company’s world and careers related to accounting and to make their first experience a positive one.


Launched by the KPMG Foundation in 2007, the "High Schools Programme" aims at contributing to the professional insertion of young students undergoing a Pro Accounting BAC or BAC STG (Science and Technology Management), BTS CGO (Accounting and Management of Organizations), and DCG in schools located in disadvantaged urban areas. Fully supported by KPMG employees, the project helps young people to better integrate working life.

The programme includes three steps:

1 / Tutoring of 26 schools, 42 classes from vocational high schools located in disadvantaged urban areas throughout the French territory. Over a hundred “KPMG 'sponsors” went to meet young people to foster links between them and the business world.

2 / Organization of a "KPMG discovery" days: more than 100 days have been held for discovering careers, meetings with employees to show the diversity of jobs and customs in the company.

3 / "Discovery" internships: close to 200 internships at KPMG were offered to students in tutored classes.

To encourage the deployment of the programme in France, a partnership agreement was signed in 2009 between the KPMG France Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

Best Practice identified by World Forum Lille in 2009 and updated in 2013



  • Team building for KPMG volunteers involved.
  • Positive image of the company
  • Development of personal skills of KPMG volunteers involved in this programme.



  • Close to 1200 young people tutored in the ”High Schools Programme” in 2012, 800 in 2011.
  • 41 classes in 24 schools tutored
  • More than 100 “KPMG discovery days” held 
  • Close to 200 internships in finance and accounting
  • 75% of those who participated in the “discovery days” said they learned a lot in one day.
859 millions € (2013)


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