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Promoting social innovation in the aim of contributing to the economic development of underprivileged urban districts

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


The Agency for Entrepreneurial Diversity (ADIVE) was created in January 2009 with the support from the KPMG Foundation and EADS to help the economic development of disadvantaged urban areas. The "Purchase and Diversity" Programme developed by the ADIVE aims to support entrepreneurs coming from "priority territories" to access invitations to tenders of large groups.


  •  Support economic development of disadvantaged urban areas alongside the ADIVE
  •  Support entrepreneurial initiatives in disadvantaged urban areas.
  •  The "Purchase and Diversity" programme device aims at linking entrepreneurs from disadvantaged urban area with large companies and thus to help them develop their business.


The KPMG Foundation is a founding member in support of implementing an experimental initiative entitled "Procurement & Diversity".

This program is intended to promote job creation in inner city zones and moreover fosters equal opportunity throughout the economy.

The KPMG Foundation has been staunchly in favor of creating the ADIVE Agency (for the promotion of Entrepreneurial Diversity) and initiating the "Procurement & Diversity" program, which serves to open the "supply chain" to companies of all sizes, from large groups to small firms. These entities were set up in vulnerable urban zones, thus facilitating the emergence of new and promising partnerships for social innovation.

The KPMG Foundation was present when the idea to create ADIVE was first floated. The Foundation participated in all stages of the process to develop the organization, providing in particular logistics and operational support during the "benchmarking" phase held in the U.S. The Foundation has also launched a series of pilot and experimental events, potentially leading to actions deployed in other companies (e.g. Entrepreneurial Diversity Week, procurement audits, buyers' workshop, breakfast gatherings).

Nearly 250 companies were directly introduced by the ADIVE Agency to major groups. Based on some 100 calls for tender issued by major accounts, 35% of these requests were transformed into contracts for firms within the ADIVE network.

In addition, training actions were proposed to ADIVE-registered companies, such as "E-to-E" (Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs), offering the possibility for entrepreneurs to meet with experts on a given topic in an "evening course" format (subjects include negotiation, fundraising, time management and accounting). Nearly 50 entrepreneurs have benefited from these modules.

Outcome: Almost 600 firms were directly involved in ADIVE's action programs over the period 2010-12.

A Best Practice recognized by World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2013


  • Identifying new suppliers
  • Establishing a responsible purchasing policy (streamlining purchase processes)
  • Adoption of an innovative CSR policy (suppliers)


  • Economic revitalization of disadvantaged areas close to the company
  • Engagement and involvement of employees on social issues
  • Collaboration with local SMEs (environmental gains thanks to proximity)
859 millions € (2013)


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