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LA VOIX DU NORD fights against illiteracy with the help of pupils of the Nord-Pas de Calais regionLA VOIX DU NORD fights against illiteracy with the help of pupils of the Nord-Pas de Calais region

7. Community involvement



Illiteracy is a serious disability in our world of continuous communication. In the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, this phenomenon exceeds the national average by five points (15% vs 10%). The Rossel La Voix group and its foundation Les Voix du Nord, decided from 2011 to fight against illiteracy, in association with the French education department.


  • To fight against a disability is a major civic act but when this disability exceeds the national average, it becomes a duty
  • La Voix du Nord collects, organizes and distributes local information on various materials. The act of reading is a key-element. The group gives itself the means to foster the desire to read


The approach is to make pupils produce reports. When the article is published in the newspaper, the family gets subscribed for one year to La Voix du Nord, in hard and digital copies. Thanks to the children, adults will want to read and enjoy reading again.

The French education department has identified 3 areas in major difficulty. 18 classes selected in the NPdC Region will produce a report in November 2015, about a theme defined by the French education department. 

The success of the operation lies in the involvement of every actor upstream. The French education department has made available its personnel in primary classes. Journalists from La Voix du Nord  has been mustered in order to assist the operation, on the field, with the teachers. The pupils worked outside the school context to produce the reports. 

The project cost around 100,000€, 20,000€ of which have been provided by the Caisse d’Epargne Nord France Europe, which joined the project in 2013.


  • This type of action contributes to the pride of employees to belong to the company and to their daily involvement


  • The audiences concerned appreciated this local innovative action very much
  • La Voix du Nord consolidated its role that is to create bonds day after day
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