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LA VOIX DU NORD offers assistance to the destitute during Christmas

7. Community involvement

Community development


The regional daily LA VOIX DU NORD promotes the values of freedom, democracy and humanism. The newspaper is naturally looking to help the community by informing its readers of the difficulties experienced by some (disabled children, poverty among the elderly, disadvantaged families). This outreach eventually gave rise to the campaign in favor of children, called: "A Christmas for the Underprivileged".

For 70 years, all departments have been mobilized in order to implement a massive campaign: displaying on the 1st page of the newspaper the cute little face of a child, in indicating with discretion his or her misery, desire for a gift and hope for a better life later on. In 2015, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the association.


  • The Voix du Nord would like to be "a newspaper capable of uniting and rallying", with the possibility of assisting those in need.


With the money donated by readers, packages are prepared for these children, who are hospitalized or living in orphanages, so that they can enjoy a more festive Christmas holiday.

Destitute families are identified by social service associations such as Secours Populaire, Secours Catholique or by local social workers. The "Christmas gift" presented to them contains a €60 coupon for food items.

All newspaper departments are closely involved, including journalists writing articles, correspondent offices, administration and accounting to record the donations, vehicle dispatching and shipping to send the packages to the various area hospitals.

In 2009, "Christmas for the Underprivileged" was renamed "Merry Christmas all together". A Website was created to disseminate the association's activity schedule throughout the year and offer donors the possibility to make their contributions online in complete security. 

 Every year, the "Christmas" team hosts a party in the region's health care or educational facilities, complete with clowns, a magic act, and naturally the presence of Santa Claus and his bag overflowing with presents.


A Best Practice designation awarded in 2006 by Réseau Alliances and updated in 2015 through.

A number of events and shows are organized with the assistance of local associations, companies and volunteers supporting these "Christmas" efforts.

Every year, this action leads Voix du Nord personnel to bond and rally around a very special and shared project. It has been etched into our memories for 60 years and these cute little smiles always make an impact. 

As of a few years ago, famous sponsors acting as godparents (like Michel Platini or Annie Cordy) have brought cheer to the recipients. These artists or sports figures appear in person alongside the children without any remuneration and gladly pose for photographs to the delight and joy of these youngsters. This is Camille Cerf in 2015.

The association does not bear any operating costs, as all overhead (wages of temporary personnel, travel expenses, package preparation and delivery, phone and mailing charges, etc.) is picked up by "LA VOIX DU NORD". 

A full report of the event is published as the campaign winds down in the paper's columns, mentioning the sums collected and their eventual uses.


  • The "Voix du Nord" brand image is enhanced;
  • Every year, this action leads Voix du Nord personnel to bond and rally around a very special and shared project.
  • Relations with the paper's partners become cemented, since this charity action offers a means for building trust.


  • Pride and emotion among staff for participating in the action;
  • Each year, 25,000 children benefit from these various gestures;
  • Individual packages distributed to 4,200 children;
  • 3,500 families received coupons for basic items;Over 50 Institutions, Children's Care Facilities or Educational Centers were granted subsidies to purchase equipment essential to community life (educational games, stocking a library with books).
1704 salariés (2014)
308 M€ (2014)


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