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MICROSOFT fosters youngsters’ skills development in order to fit recruitment needs.

7. Community involvement



Microsoft is a computer software and hardware industry leader set up in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Now operating globally in a highly competitive market, they employ 99 000 employees for a turnover of $78 milliard. They are fostering the development of programs to better adapt the suitability of the youth to today’s companies expectations worldwide. Between now and 2020, they plan to have a need for 200,000 new employees.
Thus it's the reason why Microsoft invests in training and recruiting processes regardless of the countries and background.


  • Educating people who could be potentially hired later as a “return on investment”
  • Constructing a positive image of corporate social responsibility for the company
  • Reintegrating young isolated people demotivated by unemployment through a training and a link to big companies


Microsoft creates several tools to foster youth employment. The company makes donations of software ($1.3 million value) to NGOs to make people progress and acquire new skills. In addition, the “TEALS” (Technology, Education and Literacy in School) program allows the training and formation of youth people worldwide through videoconferencing.
Consequently, they have increased their intern positions intake of 50% to accommodate this newly trained workforce.
Moreover, the “Imagine Cup” challenge, which is an entrepreneurial contest, enables students to be innovative and stand out, and for the company it is a way to identify tomorrow’s talents. Microsoft gives funds to NGOs in order to increase relevant training worldwide.
Thanks to the creation of 40 Innovation Centers, Microsoft highlights the innovation of internal and external actors to favour intrapreneurial spirit and find solutions focused on Microsoft current problems.

This solution panel improves youngsters’ emulation and motivates them in developing useful skills for the company.

Best practice spotted in 2014 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  • Best Multinational workplace in Europe for the 7th consecutive year (2014)
  • 100% rating for the 9thconsecutive year for Human Right Campaigns Corporate Equality Index Rating (2014)
  • America’s Most Inspiring Companies list, Performance Inspired, Inc
  • Company identified for its social responsibility
  • More interne positions for the young students


  • 100 million young people trained on computer skills(300 million targeted for 2020)
  • Free software for 81 NGOs ($1.3 million value)
  • 1.6 million instructors to teach encoding (Partners in Learning program)
  • Money given to NGOs dedicated to youth employment
99000 (2013)
61 milliards deuros
United States


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