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MyBNK gives young people the means to invest responsibly

7. Community involvement

Social investment


MyBnk are an award-winning education charity working with young people to build the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their money effectively and make enterprising choices throughout their lives.

They have created the first ever independent FSA approved youth led banking scheme, run by young people for young people, which provides an accessible place to save regularly and interest free loans to set up enterprises. This is accompanied by high-energy learning programmes on topics such as understanding what banks do with your money, how to save and budget effectively and taking an enterprising idea from inception to completion.


  •   To increase young people’s financial and enterprise capability and personal development


MyBnk’s programmes develop young people’s finance and enterprise capability through fun and interactive activities, which put young people at their heart.

MyBnk-in-a-Box:  The first ever independent FSA approved youth led banking scheme. MyBnk trains and supports groups of 10-15 young people, known as MyBnkers, to run MyBnk-in-a-Box branches in their school. Each branch provides an accessible place to save regularly, and interest free loans to set up enterprises. MyBnk’s online banking platform - the world’s first online banking service specifically for young people - allows savers to login at any time to check their account balance, monitor their progress against their savings targets and access a range of online resources.

Savvy Savers Assembly:  This high energy informative assembly gets young people thinking about saving and what banks do with their money.

Money Twist : A series of activity based workshops where young people debate, play games & dance their way through the full array of practical everyday financial matters.
Uni Dosh:  A two hour workshop for young people about to leave school or college and move onto university.

Money Works:  Designed to empower young adults at risk to feel confident around money and financial decisions, as well providing provide survival money management skills. Delivery is done through discussion, activities and debate, rather than worksheets and assessments.

Ideas Generator:  Develops young people’s enterprise skills, developing an awareness of social enterprise and creative entrepreneurial thinking.

Business Battle:  A six session programme for young people to team up and compete to set up the most successful business. The programme provides access to a microfinance loan, the structure and facilities to create their own businesses and a ready market place for them to put their plans into action.
Enterprise in a Box:  A three-stage inspiration building programme allowing young people to work together to learn about social enterprise and build enterprising skills.



  •   Financial educational programs and toolkits sold to secondary schools, universities, training centres, and local governments


  •   They have reached over 20,000 young people with financial and enterprise education programmes
215 000 £
United Kingdom

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