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PACT synchronizing sales with non-profit organizations

7. Community involvement

Social investment


The purchase of PACT underwear is participation in a social movement: supporting and encouraging organic cotton farmers, responsible labour practices, and businesses that form partnerships with non-profit organizations.

PACT underwear is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.  A garment containing 5% elastane is still considered organic and has a longer life than a 100% cotton garment.  All of the inks and dyes used meet or exceed GOTS or EKO standards.

Each of their underwear ranges are aligned with a non-profit organization, with 10% of each design’s sales going toward its associated organization.


  •   Linking a percentage of sales of sustainable and environmentally friendly underwear with social causes.


Here are the different lines of underwear dedicated to social causes:

Green Bell Movement: The Green Belt Movement is based in Kenya and was founded in 1977 by Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first African woman and the first environmentalist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. What began as a grassroots tree-planting organization has evolved into a vehicle for empowering women, advocating human rights and supporting good governance and peaceful democratic change.

 ForestEthics: Whether it's by brokering agreements with companies or by negotiating legislated protection, ForestEthics protects forests and wild places for the people and wildlife that depend upon them.

826 National: Through volunteer support, each of the seven 826 chapters provides drop-in tutoring, class field trips, writing workshops, and in-school programs - all free of charge - to inspire a new generation of young writers.

Oceana: Through its commitment to conservation, Oceana helps restore ocean ecosystems that will sustain us, entertain us, amaze us, and generate jobs around the world for centuries to come.

Global Green USA: Global Green's unique approach merges innovative research, community-based projects and targeted advocacy to educate the public, implement groundbreaking environmental policy and improve the lives of people in low-income communities.



  •   Sustainable mission attracts socially and environmentally conscious consumers.


  •   10% of sales going towards a social non-profit organization.
  •   All their garments are organic.
  •   Supply chain certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, EKO, and the Fair Labour Association.
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