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Project CERCO: using technology for development in Africa

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


Project CERCO, a secondary school educational tuition project based on information and communication technologies. In 1998, Project CERCO started with only one high school with 17 teachers and 1,125 students. The pupils travelled more than 20 km to come in the only college which gave them the chance not only to have courses of general education but of data processing as well.

Information technologies and communication (TIC) prove to be essential in the process of development. In 2006, more than 80% of the Beninese population was illiterate in this field. Before the establishment of Project CERCO, information technology education was considered a luxury in the Republic of Benin.

Today, Project CERCO has more than one fifth of all high school students in Benin and more than a thousand professors active throughout the territory. Thanks to Project CERCO, more people can have easy access to technical training.


- To spread technology in Benin, Africa, and the world through quality training and education


In addition to a traditional formal education, pupils are given technology training in the secretarial, technical and entrepreneurial areas, providing students the opportunity to address basic development needs.  For this, Project CERCO works in collaboration with IT companies such as Z-Lan, CISCO, EBP and 3com.  This collaborative program called PR@TIC primarily aims at giving hands-on trainings in the fields of Telecommunication, Maintenance, the network, of development, and computerized management. 

Project CERCO has also set up a system which facilitates the communication of course information to students and parents.  A vocal server gives students updates in French as well as in local languages. The SMS system, "I know all," allows students and parents to be informed with a message in real time about the grades, punctuality and work.


- First private establishment in Benin with great assets (intangible fixed assets, buildings, classroom and office materials, IT equipment, laboratories, etc.)

- They have received a number of awards for its national, African and international plan which builds their reputation and attracts students to go to their establishments.


- First private establishment to have very early introduced business and IT into secondary school and university education in Benin

Achievements from 1998-2008:

- 133,612 pupils attended CERCO high schools

- 60,000 people trained on computer technology

- 4,000 computers distributed to students


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