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PYMWYMIC, a communitarian ethics financing platform

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Founded in 1994, Pymwymic (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth/Meaning! Is Community), is a funding platform which defines itself as "a community of families, philanthropists and investors" involved in the construction of a more balanced economy. Launched in Amsterdam to support each year 10 companies that have a positive impact on the planet and on the society, the company now extends in Northern Europe with its 11 employees, 4 members of the Board of Directors and 5 persons in the Advisory Committee


  •  Being leader in ethic  investments, intermediate between entrepreneurs and potential investors; attracting investors toparticipate in projects for the community
  •  Sensitizing the general public
  •  Commit to a more balanced economy


The Community approach is a bottom-up approach :

  •  Review of 300 companies per year,
  •  Selection of 10 projects according to pre-established criteria
  •  Establisharelationship between the investors (350 regular, 1000 casual) and the companies or contractors who have a project that will impact that joins the values of investors.

The Pymwymic approach is halfway between philanthropy and the pure profit investment which requires:

  •  Long term investments
  •  A balance between projects that are lucrative and those who bring no return on investment

To organize all these projects the community relies on a team of 11 people.

Best Practice spotted in 2014 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  •  The objective is not to make financial profits, but to allow the community to maintain its activity
  •  Growth : 45 businesses were assisted and thousands of investors in 20 years of activity


  •  Support ofsocially and/or environmentally responsible businesses


Margaret McGovern, Associée fondatrice

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