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RED RABBIT inspires a generation of healthy eaters

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer health and safety


Founded in 2005, by Rhys Powell in order to put an end to long years of poor eating habits in most schools, Red Rabbit US is the leading provider of healthy meals for schools in New York, with more than 20,000 fresh meals and snacks served every day in 100 schools. Red Rabbit ‘s mission is to supply all schoolchildren in balanced dishes made directly in the school, and encouraging them to sustainably develop a healthier relationship with food.


  •  Involving all people around children in food educational labs
  •  Delivering healthy food to schools
  •  Fighting against obesity and diseases caused by unhealthy food-raising awareness about healthy food
  •  Inspiring a generation of healthy eating


To reach the goal, Red Rabbit works with nearly 100 public, charter and independent schools as well as Head Start Programs, serving more than 20,000 fresh meals and snacks every day. 

To do so:

  •  RedRabbit consults chefs, nutritionists and pediatricians to develop recipes tested on childen and adapted to nutritional health programs.
  •  Through partnerships with local schools it then proposes the dishes to canteens
  •  Red Rabbit gives access to information on the origins of the foods on the internet: how they were grown and the impact onthe wellbeing of the communities concerning the eat healthy and how precisely to make healthy food choices.
  •  Red Rabbit teaches to children, teachers, families and communities keys to welfare, food and "better ways to eat” so that these actors in thefuture make nutritious choices when they are not in school.

The relationship with their school partners is one that allows them to work together as a team to ensure their customers. Red Rabbit’s unique Account Specialist program pairs each school with their own Red Rabbit representative who is there to receive feedback, provide support and serve as a bridge directly linking Red Rabbit operations with school administrators and staff.  Together, they work to develop a meal program that works best for students and budget.

Best Practice spotted in 2014 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.


  •  Red Rabit does everything themselves : reduction of costs
  •  Successful waste management to ensure the increase in revenue by 1% per year just by composting.
  •  Company certified B Corp: positive image to the public
  •  Delivery of 20,000 meals per day in 100 schools.


  •  Waste management: leftover food is donated to local organizations that are in need of healthy food. 99% of the wastes are compostable
  •  Provides job opportunities for the society. (Haarlem)
  •  Reduction of diseases and obesity
8 millions deuros
United States


Naeema Arrastia – Directrice Marketing

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