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SIMPLON diversifies the talents of the tech sector

2. Human Rights


Simplon is an organisation that offers free and certified continuing education in the digital sector. It uses it as a tool for inclusion and promotes access to people in difficulty. Its activities also extend to the creation of a digital production web agency for companies in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the associative sector.


  • To promote the inclusion, employment and value creation of people who are excluded from the labour market

  • Diversifying profiles in the digital sector

  • Addressing recruitment difficulties in this tense sector

  • Promoting equal opportunities


Simplon's approach aims to diversify the profiles - previously similar - of the digital jobs. At the same time, it promotes the integration and access to employment of people who are excluded from it, in a sector of activity in demand.

Its training courses are therefore aimed primarily at young people with few or no qualifications, long-term jobseekers, people on minimum social benefits, people with disabilities, senior citizens, refugees and women. In order to facilitate access to these training courses for these groups, Simplon makes them free of charge.

Initially, applications are examined on the basis of their motivation and suitability for the programme. Then, an overweighting is applied based on geographical, social, age, educational level and gender criteria, so as to favour a balanced mix in the learning teams. All types of talent are thus supported, with their relationship to programming as a common point. This is their lever for integration and value creation. Simplon brings them together and reveals their potential by helping them to develop their skills.

These processes are driven by the deep conviction that diversity in its broadest sense generates educational and human richness, in the service of group dynamics and better individual progress.


  • 102 Factories opened in France and around the world

  • 8/10: this is the average satisfaction rate of learners at the end of their training courses


  • 7,848 people trained worldwide, including 4,475 in the first quarter of 2020

  • In France, 58% of them found a job after training and 14% returned to training

  • Also in France, 30% of the apprentices trained in tech professions are women

  • Skills upgrading and professional integration of people who are excluded from employment, including in France: 61% of people with an undergraduate or baccalaureate level of education, 6% of people with disabilities and 8% of senior citizens

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16,986 millions € (2019)


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