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SOLOCAL recruits differently thanks to integration through sport

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Created in 2000, SOLOCAL is an agency specialized in marketing and advertising for companies wishing to develop their digital communication.

For Solocal, and more precisely its regional branch in Roubaix, it is increasingly difficult to recruit sedentary commercial profiles. With a view to development, the question of recruitment then came to the table. Having become aware of the similarities between sporting values and the qualities necessary for the job of a sedentary salesperson, the agency went to meet sports associations, including the Agence Pour l'Education par Le Sport (APELS).


  • Addressing Recruitment Difficulties

  • Combining business activities and physical disciplines in the recruitment process

  • Diversifying teams by recruiting sports talent

  • Valuing strong values such as surpassing oneself and giving of oneself


Thanks to this integration program, SoLocal is banking on a new practice of Detection, Training and Integration (DFI) in companies of young people between 18 and 30 years old who are far from employment.

For each recruitment session, APELS and SoLocal work on :

  • Detection phase: APELS has a network of sports associations involved in social commitment with the aim of integration. Its role is to connect these associations with companies in search such as SoLocal. The profiles of the sportsmen and women are then compared with regard to the demand from companies according to their professional experience and skills. APELS is then in charge of organising meetings between young people and companies.

  • Training: the young people selected are then placed in immersion for 2 weeks at the Centre for Resources, Expertise and Sports Performance (CREPS) in Wattignies. They will then discover the job of sedentary salesman through targeted role-playing situations and training workshops.

  • Integration: at the end of each training course, the young sports candidates selected meet their future managers. Afterwards, APELS ensures regular monitoring of the young sportsmen and women to ensure that their motivation is always there!


  • The integration of 7 young sportsmen and women into the company, 4 of whom are beyond the trial period

  • In the top 20 of Solocal's best sales people, we find 2 young athletes from this innovative recruitment process

  • 2 young sportsmen and women were able to benefit from an increase in skills by moving from managing a portfolio of prospects to managing a portfolio of clients

  • Based on its success, the action was repeated in 2019 with a new class of 8 young people


  • Since 2017, 40 young people have found a job through this programme of professional integration through sport

  • Young people are more motivated by this new approach to recruitment and this can be seen in their daily involvement and motivation

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